Reduce Colors in GIF

Reduce the number of colors in your GIF to make it smaller.

Reduce GIF Colors

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How to reduce colors in animated GIF images 

1. Upload the file to the GIF compressor.

Animately is a modern online GIF compressor that helps you reduce GIF file size effortlessly. All you need to do is upload your GIF file and follow a few simple steps.

Click on "Reduce GIF color" above to access the GIF compressor tool in your browser. Select the import button in the upper right corner to import your own GIF file from the computer. Once you upload your file, you are ready to reduce colors and adjust the GIF file size as needed. 

2. Adjust the GIF file size by reducing colors with a simple click.

You read that right. Animately is designed to make your work as easy as possible, so once your file is uploaded, all you have to do is select one of the color reduction presents you will find to the left of your screen. Choose Low Reduction, Medium Reduction, or High Reduction and enjoy the instant preview and the new GIF file size, which is automatically calculated.

You will notice that even with high color reduction, Animately manages to maintain the quality of GIF files so they are ready to use in marketing campaigns.

3. Download your GIF image for free.

Reduce colors as many times as you wish and retrace your steps if needed in the Edits History. Also, feel free to explore the other advanced features available in the app, in case you need to edit your GIF file further.

When you are happy with the results, click the “Download” button to export the GIF to your computer. You also have the option to create an account with Animately to save your work.

Easy-to-use and powerful GIF compressor tool

Image of compression pop up showing different compression options.

Premium tool

Animately may be easy to use, but it has all the features of an advanced GIF editing tool, and marketing professionals around the world use it to optimize campaigns.

Modern interface

So many GIF tools feel outdated and are a nuisance to figure out. Step into an interface that is clean, sleek, and fast. Animately is a playground for creativity and efficiency.  

Intuitive experience

Enjoy a flawless process with our streamlined GIF editing experience. No extra steps or buttons. All the information and commands you need are visible and easily accessible.

Advanced settings

Animately is a powerful GIF compressor that removes frames and colors from GIF files to reduce their size while keeping optimum quality for sharing.

Less trial and error

Tired of countless tries to just cut a GIF right? Enjoy automated previews, file size visibility, and edit history. Switch between features, such as cropping or compression, without losing changes.  

Reducing GIF colors for free

Unlimited creativity. Use Animately to trim, crop, compress, and optimise multiple GIFs for free, with no strings attached. Easily edit GIFs directly in a web browser or on your mobile device on the go.

Next-level engagement

Leverage the power of GIF images to engage and entertain clients in newsletters, display campaigns, or other marketing activities with a modern, online GIF compressor. Take Animately for a spin and explore all its easy-to-use features, including cropping, trimming, color reduction, video-to-GIF conversion, and more.

"Compared to other tools, Animately feels like a breath of fresh air. I cut a GIF quickly, with a few clicks, in a clean and straightforward interface. I especially liked the automatic preview. With other tools, I had to download the file to see it, only to notice that it needed more changes." — Sabina Varga, content marketer

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