Advanced Trim

Advanced trimming tools to cut the duration of your GIF and make it smaller.

Change the Speed of GIF

Upload your GIF file and change the speed to make it slower or faster.

Crop GIF

Upload your GIF and select the part of the image you want to crop.

Trim GIF

Cut the duration of your GIF to make the file smaller.

Resize GIF

Resize your animated GIF to make it smaller.

Reduce Colors in GIF

Reduce the number of colors in your GIF to make it smaller.

Reduce Frames in GIF

Reduce the frame rate and file size of your GIF.

Compress GIF

Compress your GIF and reduce its size.

Video to GIF

Video to GIF conversion straight from your browser.
Resize GIF
Resize GIF

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Next-level engagement

Leverage the power of GIFs to engage and entertain clients in newsletters, display campaigns, or other marketing activities with a modern, online GIF editor. Take Animately for a spin and explore all its easy-to-use features, including cropping, compression, resizing, colour reduction, video-to-GIF conversion, and more. 

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"Compared to other tools, Animately feels like a breath of fresh air. I cut a GIF quickly, with a few clicks, in a clean and straightforward interface. I especially liked the automatic preview. With other tools, I had to download the file to see it, only to notice that it needed more changes." — Sabina Varga, content marketer

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